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A woman – and veteran – owned company that is honest and reliable in providing the industry’s best environmental consulting, inspections, and testing.

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Military Service members, EMS, Fire Department, and other First Responders receive a discount on HK Environmental services. Contact us!

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DIY Test Screening Kits Now Available!

Kits for residential and small businesses are available to order. Contact us to find out how to get yours.

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The HK Environmental
Difference is Clear.

Projects big or small, we travel near and far responding to local disasters and National Emergencies!

At HK Environmental we care deeply about the environment and making sure that it stays safe for both humans and the ecosystem that depends on it. From the initial inspection to determine areas with a risk for potential exposure, sources of contamination, or testing for hazardous materials and substances, all the way through to a post-remediation or restoration verification, clearance testing and final inspection. Whether looking to stay compliant with regulatory agencies or just trying to figure out where to start, HK Environmental is with you every step of the way.

  • Inspections and analytical service for commercial, industrial, and residential clients, insurance companies as well as different departments of the Federal, State and local Government.
  • Health and safety projects for Universities, Hospitals, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Banks, Churches, Schools and other private, public and commercial structures throughout the western United States.
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Why Choose HK Environmental?

HK Environmental also participates in:

  • Continued and ongoing education opportunities within environmental, industrial hygiene, as well as other health and safety related topics.
  • Annual and Biannual environmental, industrial hygiene, restoration, construction, safety conferences and training events.
  • Maintains recertification and training processes for asbestos, lead, mold and other indoor air quality and regulatory certifications.
  • Certification, Committee and other Regulatory audits.
  • Community outreach events to raise awareness in environmental exposure, health and safety.
  • Public speaking at seminars as well as many other training events.
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Our Services

HK Environmental offers in-depth inspection, testing, and other analytical services for commercial, industrial, occupational, and residential clients, insurance companies as well as different departments of the Federal, State and local Government. We perform other environmental, health and safety, industrial hygiene assessments and laboratory services such as:

  • Pre-listing or Purchasing Inspections
  • Pre & Post Remediation, Renovation, Restoration or Demolition Assessments, Inspections or Verifications 
  • Occupant & Worker Exposure Assessment
  • Assist in Developing Work Plans, Protocols, & Project Specifications
  • Hazardous Material Surveys
  • Abatement Oversight & Exposure Monitoring 
  • Asbestos Inspections & Testing
  • Lead Paint Surveys & Testing
  • Mold & Indoor Air Quality Investigations 
  • Other Risk Assessments & Services 

HK Environmental can also test your soil, air, water, and bulk/solid materials for a variety of other substances and contaminants.

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Asbestos Inspection & Testing

Comprehensive asbestos inspection and testing for residential and commercial property owners alike. We’re the experts in asbestos.

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Lead Paint Inspection & Testing

We have years of experience in detecting and locating lead contaminates in the structure of a building, the soil, and water.

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Mold & Indoor Air Quality Investigations

Offering proven and effective solutions to any mold or indoor air quality issue. Call us for complete reporting & investigation.

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Other Environmental Services

HK Environmental provides additional environmental services to help keep people and the environment safe from dangerous contaminates.

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What Our Customers Say

Thanks greatly!

Was a wonderful help when we noticed some water damage while renovating our bathroom. If not for HK Environmental we wouldn't have known there was a leak causing more damage than we initially thought. After a thorough inspection we received recommendations on what steps we should take next. Thanks greatly!
- Yazmin C. 5 Star Rating

Definitely recommend!

Honest and hardworking! Definitely recommend!
- Lindsey L. 5 Star Rating

Addressed my questions

HK not only inspected my concern but was able to identify a more systemic air quality concern. Beyond her inspection report and action steps needed to rectify the air quality issues, she addressed my questions and concerns in depth and provided resource ideas to support her recommendations.
- L.J. 5 Star Rating

A great choice

I have been in the property restoration industry for the better part of 12 years now in Arizona, Utah and now Idaho. The service and quality of that Hannah at HK Environmental provides is unmatched. the experience this company and the owner have from learning from others and capitalizing on shortcomings make this a great choice for any kind of Environmental hazard testing, inspections or consulting for personal or business.
- Grady H 5 Star Rating

The Benefits of Working

With HK Environmental


See what we have to offer!

  • Years of experience in the lab & field
  • Invested thoroughness & investigation
  • Quality testing & reporting
  • Trustworthy solutions to your unique situation
  • Exceptional worth ethic  

Working with

Other Companies


How other companies compare?

  • Learn-on-the-job experience at your expense
  • Surface investigations
  • Rushed or incomplete testing & reporting
  • Misleading advice with invalid results 
  • Unethical practices   

Exceptional Work & a Deep Passion

With HK Environmental you’re getting exceptional quality of work, coupled with a deep passion for keeping both the environment and people safe from extremely hazardous materials.

  • Our quality of services, attention to the details, and Integrity is unmatched and can not be compared with any other company out there.
  • We truly care about what we do and have a passion for helping to keep our communities and Environment Safe.
  • We can handle simple, routine, to overly complex or unusual inspection, testing and consulting projects as well as everything in between.
  • We stay current on training, education, and certifications while maintaining relevant to the vast technologies through our ever changing and growing industry. 
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