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Finding and Locating Asbestos

Asbestos, once hailed as the miracle material due to its versatility, was manufactured in a wide range of commercial products almost a century ago, and can still be found in older buildings, homes, and many consumer products. Although the use of asbestos dates back to prehistoric times, at the peak of its manufacturing demand, you could find approximately 3,600 products that were made from asbestos materials. The presence of asbestos is not the danger, but the risk of inhaling the microscopic fibers of an asbestos made material that has started to deteriorate is.

Some common building materials that may contain Asbestos or Other Contaminants include:

  • Pipe wrap
  • Insulation
  • Flooring
  • Wallboard Systems
  • Decorative Textures
  • Various Roofing Components

Asbestos can also be found in a variety of different Cosmetics & Other Household items to include:

  • Eye Shadow, Blush, & Bronzers
  • Products containing Talc such as Compact Powders (similar to Baby Powder)
  • Hair Dryers, Insulated Toasters, & Ovens
  • Fireproofing or Fire-Resistant Products
  • Seals, Gaskets, & Packing Materials
  • Even older Automobiles, Farm Equipment, & Many Antiques

HK Environmental’s comprehensive asbestos testing and inspection services are here to help determine if asbestos materials or contaminants are present on your property. If our inspection and testing identifies that there is asbestos, we can assist in developing a protocol for safe repair, maintenance, or removal, as well as refer you to an asbestos abatement company or other contractors for additional assistance.

Asbestos Inspections

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The Importance of an Asbestos Protocol

Located in Nampa Idaho we assist most of the N.W. region performing Certified Asbestos Inspections, Asbestos Testing & Asbestos Sampling.

Asbestos inspections and testing services are typically performed to determine if Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) or contamination are present.  The development of an asbestos protocol is a vital component for any asbestos removal, renovation, restoration, or demolition project because it helps to identify areas and locations that could potentially contain asbestos, provides information on the condition and quantity of asbestos, limits risk of exposure and other liabilities while providing you with the necessary documentation for the health and safety aspects of a project, and to ensures the successful completion of the asbestos abatement or removal.

Asbestos is still legal to buy, sell & use in the United States, even in new construction & various other products!

HK Environmental is certified and experienced to assist with testing building materials, dust, soil, water, and air. We also perform exposure monitoring, site assessments, project clearances, monitoring and oversight, as well as many other environmental, health, and safety services to fit your project needs.

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Thanks greatly!

Was a wonderful help when we noticed some water damage while renovating our bathroom. If not for HK Environmental we wouldn't have known there was a leak causing more damage than we initially thought. After a thorough inspection we received recommendations on what steps we should take next. Thanks greatly!
- Yazmin C. 5 Star Rating

Definitely recommend!

Honest and hardworking! Definitely recommend!
- Lindsey L. 5 Star Rating

Addressed my questions

HK not only inspected my concern but was able to identify a more systemic air quality concern. Beyond her inspection report and action steps needed to rectify the air quality issues, she addressed my questions and concerns in depth and provided resource ideas to support her recommendations.
- L.J. 5 Star Rating

A great choice

I have been in the property restoration industry for the better part of 12 years now in Arizona, Utah and now Idaho. The service and quality of that Hannah at HK Environmental provides is unmatched. the experience this company and the owner have from learning from others and capitalizing on shortcomings make this a great choice for any kind of Environmental hazard testing, inspections or consulting for personal or business.
- Grady H 5 Star Rating

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HK Environmental’s number one priority is to help keep both the environment and those who work, live, and play in it safe! We accomplish this by providing 3rd party independent environmental consulting, honest, high quality and detailed inspections, as well as several different testing options for all residential, commercial and industrial properties a like.

HK Environmental can also test your air, soil, water, and bulk or solid materials for a variety of other substances and contaminants too. 

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